The Cost of a 10kw Solar System With Battery Storage in the UK

Are you worried about the cost of your energy bills? If so, you're certainly on your own, as around 6.5 million British households are deemed to be in energy poverty. This is on the back of huge rises in the cost of energy in recent years, and it's led to many home and business premises owners investing in solar energy. As such, more people than ever are looking into the cost of a 10kW solar system with battery storage in the UK.

Rather than being just a way to drive down your energy bills in the short term, putting your money into a 10kW solar battery system represents a true long-term investment. What's more, they're also a great option for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

That said, financial matters are a pressing concern for many right now, which is why we focus on what you'll pay for a 10kW solar battery system, depending on your requirements.

What is a 10kW Solar System With Battery Storage?

You'll find solar battery storage systems of varying sizes suitable for different levels of need. They range from 1-5kW options for small homes with moderate energy needs up to 100kW systems for large industries. So, what is a 10kW solar system with battery storage designed for?

A system with a 10kW solar battery is typically suitable for medium to large homes that use a lot of energy. By collecting DC energy and converting it to AC for use at a later time, 10kW systems offer enough for a range of home requirements, such as:

  • Essential household appliances, such as refrigerators and lighting
  • Air conditioning and space heaters (although these are high drawers of energy)
  • Cooking appliances, like ovens, kettles and microwaves
  • Electronics such as computers, TVs, and mobile phone chargers
  • Electric vehicle charging

Being situated at the upper end of the scale for residences, a 10kW solar battery system might also be suitable for small businesses. However, like any system, shading and prevailing weather conditions can impact its ability to generate the full output of 10,000kWh per year.

How much does a 10kW Solar System Cost?

It would be nice to be able to give a one-size-fits-all price, but the cost of a 10kw solar system with battery storage is a little more complex than that. You see, various factors will influence the price you'll pay. Let's take a look at what they are.

  • The Product's Quality - When looking at the market, you'll see high-quality options like the PowerOcean 10kW Batterysystem from Ecoflow, but not all systems will be at the same level. The choice you make will naturally impact the price.
  • The Model - There are also different models to choose from within any manufacturer’s range, which will again alter the cost.
  • The Types of Cells You Buy - When buying a 10kW solar battery, you'll have the choice of saltwater batteries, flow batteries, lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries and Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries, with each having their own set of pros and cons.
  • Installation Cost - Every home is different, meaning that other considerations will need to be made regarding the work involved in the installation.

While all these factors influence how much you'll pay, the average cost of a 10kW solar system with battery storage is in the region of £20,000 to £22,000 inc VAT and installation. Naturally, the number of batteries you choose will also have an effect on price.

What's the Output of a 10kW Solar Battery System?

That's an intriguing question, and it's one that has a slightly different answer depending on the system's surroundings. However, in optimal conditions, a 10kW solar system with battery storage should produce 8,000 kWh to 12,000 kWh each year, translating to anywhere between 30 and 45 kWh daily.

This means you'll need sufficient room for between 18 and 28 panels on your roof or your property's grounds. That said, the lower the number of solar panels you can fit in, the higher the chances you'll need high-capacity panels to achieve the desired output.

What Kind of Businesses Would a 10kW System Suit?

While industrial and other large companies will require a system on a grander scale, a 10kW battery storage system offers enough to take care of the needs of several different types of small businesses, including the following.

As long as your business power needs are not excessive, there's no reason why you can't get everything you require from a 10kW solar battery system.

Is an On or Off-Grid 10kW Solar System Better in the UK?

So, you decided to invest in a solar battery system for your UK-based property. The question remains whether to go on or off-grid. Here are the facts on both.

  • On-Grid - Connected directly to the grid via an inverter, an on-grid 10kW solar system with battery storage in the UK allows you to sell the electricity you don't use back to the grid. This is an excellent option for property owners who want lower energy bills.
  • Off-Grid - Conversely, an off-grid setup is a standalone system often seen in remote areas where connecting to the grid is more challenging. This kind of system offers the peace of mind that comes with being energy self-sufficient rather than being at the mercy of power companies.

On the one hand, you get the opportunity to lower your energy bills significantly, and on the other, you get to step away from reliance on the grid. Both have their appeal. As with most products, the type of system you choose will depend on your precise needs and will naturally affect the cost of a 10kW solar system with battery storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a 10kW Solar System Enough to Run a Home?
    Yes, a 10kW solar system with a battery is more than enough to power a large home, including your lighting, heating and appliance needs.
  • Is a 10kW Solar System Worth the Investment?
    Absolutely. A considerable investment is involved in purchasing and installing a 10kW solar system, but the energy independence and long-term advantages on offer just keep on giving. We're sure it's a decision you won't regret.
  • Are there regulations governing the installation of a 10kW solar system in the UK?
    Yes, there are many, which is why a suitably qualified professional must carry out the installation.
  • Investing in a 10kWh Battery Storage System Comes With Many Advantages
    While a significant outlay is involved when installing a 10kW solar system with battery storage in the UK, its advantages are considerable. Being energy-independent right now is especially desirable, with everyone's bills skyrocketing. What's more, when you buy quality Ecoflow systems, your investment comes with reliability built-in. Our home battery systems are cutting-edge and highly efficient, offering innovative features such as fast charging, modular expandability, and a smart management app. This allows you to enjoy sustainable, uninterrupted power on your terms. So, if you're interested in adding these benefits to your home, we recommend you look around our website, There you'll find all the information you need. Alternatively, if you'd like to discuss your requirements with our team directly, head to our homepage and click 'Order Now' for a free quote tailored to your needs.